Monday, January 25, 2016

Oscar's Turn

We have been talking with President Foote about Oscar's situation. He spoke with SLC and we recieved the news that Oscar would be able to be baptized!! EVERYONE is excited and the baptism will be this Saturday at 6. The Ramirez Family has made lots of changes and big steps in their lives. They are a miracle.

I've gained a greater testimony of testimonies. Ask me about it later when I have more time. But I know that the Holy Ghost is a real personage. His job is to teach us, testify to us, and comfort us. He does just that. When a testimony is born and truth is stated, it gives an opportunity for the spirit to testify of that truth both to the bearer of the testimony and those who hear it. I love that!

My ponderizing Scripture:
Mosiah 7:19

Elder Harmon

450 S Peachtree Pkwy Apt R303
Peachtree City, Ga  30269

Snow in Georgia!!

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