Monday, October 26, 2015

"Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you..."

We had so many great plans this week but they didn't really turn out that great. Almost everything was falling through... including the posole. But we met a lot of new people and I'm super excited for this coming week. This area has been really slow for a very long time. The Branch has actually been shrinking from people moving out instead of growing. But Elder Blake and I are both willing to work hard. We understand that this isn't our work and the Lord is blessing us with a lot of miracles.

Oscar Ramirez:
We are teaching him, his mom, and his two daughters Jasmine(9) and Nadia(8). Oscar's girlfriend, who lives in Mexico, is a member of the Church. She helps a lot. Jasmine and Nadia are super smart and they talk a lot. They all want to get baptized but we haven't been able to get them a ride to church yet. They should be coming this week.

Daniel, Ishmael, Manual, Alfredo, and Arturo
Five guys living in the same apartment working construction. But, surprisingly the apartment is pretty clean and the dishes were done and they are all pretty well kept as well. They listen to us very intently. Ishmael is a little skeptical, but he knows a lot about religion and has a lot of good questions. I like that because it makes for good conversations. Daniel is just a super good guy that seems to understand well. Manual, he doesn't say anything. Alfredo is more emotional. He got a little choked up after we taught the Restoration because his whole family is Catholic and he felt like it took away from that. Arturo seems like that guy that everyone else follows. Super fun to teach all of them.  

1) This area is the first area I have been in where we've shared the apartment with another companionship. It is crazy, but a lot of fun. Meet Elder Norlund and Elder Parkin. 
2-3) Elder Zwick of the Seventy came. Met up with Elder Taufa. He goes home soon.

Elder Harmon

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Bautismo de Yesenia Lopez!

President Foote called us Thursday night to tell us that Yesenia Lopez was going to be baptized on Saturday and that we could go! Y'all probably don't remember, but we were teaching her when I was in Lake Jodeco. But really, she probably taught me more then we taught her. I still remember how strong the spirit was when we taught her and how good it felt. We talk to so many people that don't really care and don't want to talk to us that sometimes when we teach it has to be strong, clear, and straight forward or else they don't get it. But Yesenia was different. Her parents are both members and were sealed in the temple. They moved to the United States when she was 7 and stopped going to church at the same time. She was never baptized and they lost all contact with the church until Yesenia found us and asked us where the church was. She had a real desire to learn. When we taught her it was like having a spiritual conversation with your brother or sister. Moments like those, where both are uplifted together, are where true conversion is born. D&C 50:17-22.

Amador canceled his appointment, twice. But we'll keep doing our best! :)

The branch had a meeting yesturday morning. It got the members pretty excited and a couple of them came up to us and asked us when they could come out to teach with us. That is one of the most wonderful things when you are a missionary!

A less active invited us to come to his house this afternoon so he can teach us how to make posole. It is a soup like thing and I love it! Super excited.

Love yall!

Elder Harmon

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Just another week of Paradise

Miracle of the week:
Knocked on a potentials door. Amador answered, he is in a wheelchair. He told us he has attend almost every church, but not ours. He asked us about the Godhead and the spirit and agreed that he believed the same as us. I said, "you have a lot of good questions" to which he agreed, and I asked, "do you have any more?" he kinda smiled a little and  told us, "well, I have do have one. But it is a question that  I know that you guys can't answer. Only God can answer it. Which church is the right church?" He then proceeded to explain how it just didn't make sense how there were so many churches with so many different beliefs. He knew that there had to be one church that was the right one. I wonder what he was thinking when he saw Elder Blake and I standing there with these big cheesy grins on our faces.

How blessed are we to know "which church is the right church." We know that there is a living day prophet. We have the fullness of the gospel. We don't have to wonder which direction to go, because we already know! All we have to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on the path.

A little about Elder Blake:
He is from St. George, UT. He is a cowboy. Grew up on a Ranch. We have a good time singing country songs together. He's basically blind and has to hold something two inches from his nose to be able to read it. But that's fun sometimes because I get to be his eyes He goes home in December. Very soon.

Love y'all

Elder Harmon

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Temple, Fiesta, General Conference!

What a week! We went to the Temple on Wednesday, El Dia de las Naciones on Friday, and General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We also had a lot of service projects.

The day of the Nations was a lot like last year. The food here wasn't as good (or maybe I just have a little bit more experience with Hispanic food now) but the dance's were a lot better. Some of the members from Lake Jodeco came for it and I was able to see Rafael again. He is doing good.

General Conference. I absolutely love General Conference! I received a lot of revelation and direction this past weekend. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God!
A couple of the things that stood out to me:

Take the Sacrament seriously. I have committed myself to come to sacrament meeting prepared for the Sacrament by having already examined myself and counseled with God.

Revelation is real. God loves us and he does communicate to us through the spirit. I want to be worthy of the promise to always have His spirit to be with me.

Love. I had a couple personal questions that I had brought with me to Conference. One of the clearest answers I received was Love.

If you weren't able to watch General Conference then go here

I love you all!

Elder Harmon

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Halfway underground mansion. Didn't get a picture of the inside but it was huge! We helped a rich couple unpack.

Dia de las Naciones