Monday, October 19, 2015

Bautismo de Yesenia Lopez!

President Foote called us Thursday night to tell us that Yesenia Lopez was going to be baptized on Saturday and that we could go! Y'all probably don't remember, but we were teaching her when I was in Lake Jodeco. But really, she probably taught me more then we taught her. I still remember how strong the spirit was when we taught her and how good it felt. We talk to so many people that don't really care and don't want to talk to us that sometimes when we teach it has to be strong, clear, and straight forward or else they don't get it. But Yesenia was different. Her parents are both members and were sealed in the temple. They moved to the United States when she was 7 and stopped going to church at the same time. She was never baptized and they lost all contact with the church until Yesenia found us and asked us where the church was. She had a real desire to learn. When we taught her it was like having a spiritual conversation with your brother or sister. Moments like those, where both are uplifted together, are where true conversion is born. D&C 50:17-22.

Amador canceled his appointment, twice. But we'll keep doing our best! :)

The branch had a meeting yesturday morning. It got the members pretty excited and a couple of them came up to us and asked us when they could come out to teach with us. That is one of the most wonderful things when you are a missionary!

A less active invited us to come to his house this afternoon so he can teach us how to make posole. It is a soup like thing and I love it! Super excited.

Love yall!

Elder Harmon

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