Monday, October 5, 2015

Temple, Fiesta, General Conference!

What a week! We went to the Temple on Wednesday, El Dia de las Naciones on Friday, and General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We also had a lot of service projects.

The day of the Nations was a lot like last year. The food here wasn't as good (or maybe I just have a little bit more experience with Hispanic food now) but the dance's were a lot better. Some of the members from Lake Jodeco came for it and I was able to see Rafael again. He is doing good.

General Conference. I absolutely love General Conference! I received a lot of revelation and direction this past weekend. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God!
A couple of the things that stood out to me:

Take the Sacrament seriously. I have committed myself to come to sacrament meeting prepared for the Sacrament by having already examined myself and counseled with God.

Revelation is real. God loves us and he does communicate to us through the spirit. I want to be worthy of the promise to always have His spirit to be with me.

Love. I had a couple personal questions that I had brought with me to Conference. One of the clearest answers I received was Love.

If you weren't able to watch General Conference then go here

I love you all!

Elder Harmon

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Halfway underground mansion. Didn't get a picture of the inside but it was huge! We helped a rich couple unpack.

Dia de las Naciones

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