Monday, February 29, 2016

Choose to be Happy

To be completely honest, I'm exhausted. We are working super hard. We live in an apartment with another set of Elders who do not get along at all (3 Nephi 11:29). It's exhausting to always have to clean up their pointless fights. The qualities of love, forgiveness, humility, and patience are very important when it comes to relationships.

The Nunez family slept in Sunday morning. They are learning slowly, but they are learning. It is slow because they haven't ever gone to church and know very little when it comes to the religious topic. I'm learning to love them a lot and pray for them everyday.

The Reyes Family is moving along as well. The mother is still a little cold towards us, but the daughters are interested and very smart. We taught them the plan of salvation the other night and Giovani (the dad) bore his testimony about prayer. He was baptized when he was 10 but feel away from the church when he came to the U.S. He said that even though he had stopped going to church he had always said his prayers. It was pretty cool to see the power of his testimony and the example of a father.

Yesterday we talked about this talk. I enjoyed it and thought it was a great reminder to see the good in life and to choose to be happy!

Elder Harmon

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