Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Re: I´m here!!

Elder, your email was WONDERFUL!  Would you please help me with a memory of mind.  Was I your Primary teacher?  I know I taught some of you guys but I am hitting the Senior Citizen world if you will.  You were small then.  Perhaps you don't remember.  Let me know. 

Thanks for including me in your email list.  Its going to be fun.  I am really proud of you and your brother who is also serving. 


On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 8:34 AM, Levi Harmon <levi.harmon@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hola, Right now I´m in the CCM (or MTC in english) in Mexico City. My
email wasn´t loading so i´m in basic HTML. So my email will probably
be one big paragraph. Anyways, the CCM. I left last wednesday morning
(I can´t believe I´ve been here for a week!!). My flight in Denver got
delayed for 4 hours and I didn´t make it to the CCM until after 9
o´clock. When I got here I got to do some things like email my parents
and get a ton of books before I went to my room. I got to my room at
about 10:45 and woke my compainion up. His name is Elder Pace. I
couldn´t have asked for a better companion. He is a very hard worker
and he is very devoted to being a great missionary. We work well
together and are able to talk to each other very easily. He is the
kinda guy that starts singing with me when I randomly burst into song.
We are having a blast. Our first couple days everyone keep telling us
to just make it until sunday and then it gets better. I guess that it
is hard for some people to leave behind everything at first. But we
haven´t had time to think about anything but the work. There is SO
much to do. Spanish is HARD. The second day we were here we began
teaching our first investigator, Ramiro, in only spanish. It is so
hard to be so limited in communication with others. It is really hard
for me to sit there with Ramiro, listen to him, and want to tell him
all the things I know and to promise him that God loves him, but not
know how to say it. That has been the hardest thing for me. I do miss
everyone, but I know I´m where I am supposed to be, so it isn´t very
hard. Gosh, I wish you could all see this place! God has and is
preparing his missionaries and they are a beautiful sight! I´m very
impressed with the quality of young men and women who are here! It is
very obvious that everyone has weaknesses, but if you could only see
their strength. Right now there are about 300 missionarys here, by the
time I leave there will be 1000. This gospel is true! Um... what else?
The food is ok. I eat healthy so I haven´t gotten sick. I feel like it
can be compared to the food you would get at a high school cafeteria.
I mean it is Mexican food, but the quality thereof is lacking a little
bit. However, I´m not picky and I just eat everything. I almost always
go back for seconds and I think I´ve probably already started gaining
weight. I´m running out of time. I Love you all!! Don´t be afraid to
email me or ask me questions. I will read your emails and I might even
respond... if i have time.  I love you.      Elder Harmon

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