Tuesday, July 8, 2014

District 14 B

I have been in the CCM for about 3 weeks and I have about 3 weeks left!
So below you will notice a picture has been attached. The picture is of my district taken last week at the temple. I will now explain each character to you from left to right. If you don´t really care because you will never see these people, then you can press the archive button and wait to here from me next week :)
Here we go:

Elder Benlap - He is a genius! 34 on his ACT. He is very quiet, but when you talk to him one-on-one he has a lot to say. He is going to BYU after his mission. He also is going to Atlanta Georgia for his mission

Elder Jones - Companions with Elder Benlap. Going to Atlanta Georgia. He ran a 4 min 30 something second mile in high school and is really good at soccer. He is going to be a college athlete at SVU.

Elder Adamovich - He is smart and good at teaching the lessons. However, he is hard to talk to normally and bugs me in a way. I´m not sure why so I try to think positive and I´m really nice to him any way.

Elder Peart - His Dad is some big guy in Microsoft, so his first car was a Mercedes-Benz that he totaled shortly after he got it. However, for being a rich kid he is a surprisingly hard worker and he has a strong testimony. He has a way of connecting with people and a lot of potential to be a great missionary.

Elder Jordon - Went to BYU for a semester before he came out here. He is a great leader and really nice. He has an AMAZING voice! It took me a while to get him to sing for me, but he can sing! He was in a band and has taken voice lessons and he is good.

Elder Palacios - He has a strong spirit about him and is going to be an amazing missionary. He is probably my favorite of all the guys because he is just so down to earth and sincere. We get along very well and have had a lot of good discussions.


Elder Pace

Hermana Moody - Crazy, has an amazing voice, strong testimony. Knows a lot of spanish

Hermana McArthur - Quiet, good studier, played soccer in college, knows a lot of spanish.

I love my district. All of us are so different but we have a lot of very spiritual moments together. I love you all.

Elder Harmon

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