Monday, November 10, 2014

Life In The GAM

This past week has been really good. Of course there were some downs, but a lot of good things happened. There were times where I literally felt like we were being guided everywhere we went. We had a lot of opportunities to share our message of the restoration and invite people to read the Book of Mormon. There was on specific lesson we had with a family that had attended church. The mother of the family basically told us, thanks but no thanks. She was really nice about it but she said that she didn't really feel anything drawing her to our church and that she thought 3 hours was too long. We didn't really know what to do, there were kids running around, and I could see that we were going to lose this family. So, I turned to my companion and told him that we had to teach the Restoration. The kids went outside, one of them laid down and went to sleep, and the spirit came into the room. Elder Taufa and I taught the restoration better then we have ever taught it and we both know it's because we weren't the ones teaching. The spirit taught through us and we could feel it as we testified that as she reads the Book of Mormon she will feel that feeling she is looking for. My spanish seemed to roll off my tongue with ease and both Elder Taufa and I were really excited when we got to the car.
One thing that I have learned out here is that we are really nothing without God. I have felt the weakest and stupidest I've ever felt in my life during my mission. I've not known what to say and I've felt like a failure many times. But, when I am speaking the words that God would have me say and when I am putting my trust in him, then I'm strengthened. Then I can speak and think and act clearly and confidently. So Elder Tuafa and I are doing are best to put our trust in the Him and to be instruments in his hands.
Ok, quick story. Elder Taufa makes fun of me because I don't like bugs very much. There was a really weird big spider and he made me kill it. But yesterday we were planning and he went to the bathroom and started yelling, "Freek!" a bunch of times. So I went to see what was up and there was a huge cockroach in his bath tube. This thing was the biggest one I've seen yet. It was like 4 inches long and it was pure black. He killed it but this morning he wouldn't take a shower in his bathroom. haha, I thought it was pretty funny. Cockroaches are as real as the Book of Mormon is True!
Elder Harmon


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