Monday, November 24, 2014

Questions of the Soul

We had a training by Elder Kopiscke and Elder Parker, both members of the seventy, on Thursday and it was amazing! Elder Kopiscke started by inviting all of us to write down questions that we wanted to be answered. Questions that came from deep inside and that weighed down our minds. I think all of us have questions like these, or at least we should. So every missionary wrote down there own personal questions. And then Elder Kopiscke began to teach according to our needs. He answered questions and everything he talked about was supported by the scriptures. By the end of the meeting, Everyone's questions had been answered! For Elder Taufa and I, this meeting was life changing. We had had many long discussions and talks about things in the mission and how to do missionary work. And our prayers and questions were answered!
Elder Kopiscke then asked us to do this same thing with our investigators as we invite them to church. He promised us that if they write down sincre, honest questions, and then go to sacrament metting with true intent, they will recieve answers. I invite you all to do the same.
What is something that is deep in your heart? It can be anything. One missionary asked how we knew we were forgiven from sin, another how to not lose investigators. That night we had a meeting with members as well and someone asked what to do if there children were going astray. Whatever your question is I know that it will be answered if you pay attention and listen with the spirit, for he is the true teacher.
I have seen a lot of miracles in just these past few days. I know that this gospel is true.
Elder Harmon

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