Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference!!

This General Conference was the most inspiring Conference I have ever watched in all my life. I've never been so uplifted and understood so clearly as these past two days. The spirit was strong and the testimonies were powerful. My heart is full of more love and gratitude for my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ then I have ever felt before. I feel as though my eyes have been opened and I can see everything so much clearer. I'm beginning to understand the importance of His atoning sacrifice and what it means to me personally.

Perhaps the greatest thing I learned this weekend was the importance of an "Eternal Perspective." How important it is to see the whole picture. I feel like for the most part of my mission I have tried to understand a lot of principles and how to teach them. I've studied faith and repentance and other principles in depth really trying to understand them. I didn't want to study anything deeper because I figured that most the people I would be teaching don't need deep stuff, but basics. But, I haven't been able to understand because I was too close. I was blinded. But, as I've started to see everything as it fits in the eternal plan of God, I can see clearly. I understand. The words that the apostles and prophets spook were real and personal. When you can see how every principle of the gospel, every verse in the scriptures, every hymn, every commandment, and everything fits into the Plan. It's like putting together a puzzle. When you can look at the box and see all the pieces then it's a lot easier to find out where they go and how it all fits together. But if you just try to do it piece by piece it can seem impossible.
My testimony of our Savior is burning inside of me. My love and gratitude for Him is unending and immeasurable. I testify that He lives! I testify that He is the only way to salvation, peace, and happiness.

Elder Harmon

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Douglasville, GA  30134

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