Monday, August 4, 2014


I made it safe and sound to Georgia. It's beautiful out here, very humid (which doesn't really bother me), and my companion is awesome. My companion is Elder Bradshaw from Orem, he's really smart (31 ACT) (by the way I don't go around asking everyone that, but... I find out somehow), he has a good memory and is really good with numbers (nice for addresses and cellular devices and stuff like that), he works hard, knows Spanish, and all those great things. We are both new to our area, Cunningham, so this first week has been slow. We have spent a lot of time trying getting to know people and figure out where to go and what to do. It's especially hard for me because I'm constantly trying to just understand what people are saying. By the way there are a lot of Hispanic people here in Georgia. I've had a lot of Mexican food and it's AWESOME! Last night I probably put down ten taco thingys with rice and meat. Oh, and one night a member made us some handmade tortillas. Yep, you don't need fried chicken when you in the south, you only need some Mexican food. It's pretty good.
I love it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This Gospel is TRUE! I know I say that everytime, but that's because it is. I gave a blessing, (the second blessing I have given, and it was in English) to a man who we found while we were knocking on doors. I tell you this only to let you know that I KNOW that I hold the priesthood and that priesthood comes directly from GOD. God lives! He knows us, he knows you. Look to him in all that you do and he will help you. This past week I started to turn inward and to think more about myself. It was getting hard with the Spanish and the newness of everything. Whenever I talked I was more worried about whether I was saying things right or what I was doing wrong instead of thinking about the person I was talking to. I became more focused on myself than others. People see me differently. I'm no longer a human, I'm a missionary. I can see that in peoples eyes. Some people immediately hate me and don't want to hear a thing I say. Others look upon me with respect. But in either case I started to become self centered. So I challenge all y'all to focus on the people around you. Look to God! Serve him! How do you serve God? by serving each other!
I Love Y'all
Elder Harmon 

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