Monday, August 25, 2014


So something I've been thinking about a lot lately is listening. What people say is really important. Everything we say reflects off of our thoughts. So, by hearing and understanding what people say we can understand what they want, think, or need. So, listen to others. Take advantage of the fact that we understand what the words mean that are coming out of their mouths, haha. Spanish is actually coming alright. The day will come where I will be fluent. It's just there are so many people, and all of us are people, and we all want to be heard, but if we all are talking then there will be no understanding and nobody will be heard, so listen.
This past week was hard. We meet so many awesome people the previous week, and I was so excited for this week. But then, appointments dropped, calls weren't answered, and it was rough.
But I'm not discouraged. We are working with a man named Santos. He's having a hard time. He was living with his sister, but she kicked him out and now he is living with his brother and his job is pretty unstable. But he is cool. He is a quiet guy and we have met with him 3 times. He has started reading the Book of Mormon and I'm excited for him.
I Love Y'all.
Elder Harmon

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