Monday, March 16, 2015

Light at the feet of Jesus.

In spanish, Luz means light :)
Earlier this week we were driving to a trailer park to go and knock some doors. On the way we passed by a big statue of Christ that was in the middle of a field. It looked kind of the one that is in Salt Lake, but it was Catholic. I wanted to go and take a picture but we had already passed it. We flipped a coin to see if we should go take a picture and we got tails instead of heads. So we just kept going. A couple hours later on our way back we saw the statue again but this time there was somebody siting at the feet of Christ. She looked Hispanic so we parked the car, finished a phone call, and went out to talk to her. By this time she was walking towards us and Elder Pace called out, "how are you doing?" She stuttered a little, "I no speak english." I quickly started talking to her in spanish and her face lit up. She got so excited! Her name is Luz. I had assumed that she was Catholic but as we talked with her we found out that she didn't have a church because she hadn't found any that she liked. Elder Pace gave her a Libro de Mormon, we got her number, and met with her two days later. She came to church this sunday and loved it. After sacrament meeting one of the members ran up to Luz, gave her a hug, and told her how excited she was to see her. She asked, "how did you meet the missionaries?" They already knew each other!
Everybody needs the gospel in their lives and a lot of people are looking for it. A lot of them are our friends and neighbors, we just don't have the courage to invite them to church. While on a mission I have really been able to see the blessings that come from the gospel and I want to share those with everyone. But don't just wait until God puts your friends in the path of the missionaries, invite them yourself!  
Have a good week!
Elder Harmon

Elder Harmon

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