Monday, June 29, 2015

Elder Graf!

My new companion is Elder Graf. He is the best!! He is 20 yrs. old and went to a year of college at BYU-I before the mission. He has been on his mission for 8 months, all of which have been in the same area. He is from Washington. I've only had 1 companion from Utah my whole mission which is pretty cool. This is the first time I have had a companion that has been younger then me in the mission. He is the most sincere companion I have had so far and he really cares for others. I'm so excited to serve with him, he's super funny as well.

I've never been so lost in the work. I'm dead tired. But we are teaching a lot of really great people and seeing a lot of success.

Sevilla Family Update- Elder Graf speaks sign language!!!! He took three years of it and he's pretty good at it. It was so fun to see the face of Alexis when Elder Graf started talking to him. He was so excited! Elder Graf translated the song we sang, the prayers and everything. It was a miracle.

Our cars battery was super old and dying. So if we left our car outside in the heat too long the battery would drain and the car wouldn't start. Needless to say we had to get jumped four times this weekend. The first time it happened was Friday. So we went and talked a guy named Carlos and he helped us out. I literally didn't understand what his dad was saying. Talk about a southern accent, it's a good thing I just have to speak Spanish. The church has a deal with Pep boys, so we put in pep boys on the GPS and drove to it. But it wasn't there. So I searched the next closest one and it was in the opposite direction. We went, it wasn't there. So I didn't worry about it because we were wasting miles and time. Saturday it died again. Elder Graf called some info number and found out where Pep Boys was. We went there and they took about an our to tell us that nothing is wrong. Sunday it died again. Today it took 5 hours for us to get a new battery.

Sometimes things happen that you don't plan and you can't control. Don't worry about it. I'm learning to be content in doing my best. I know that as long as I give the Lord my best, even though it isn't perfect, I can be satisfied and happy with the results.

Elder Harmon

1019 Marquis Way
Morrow, GA 30260

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