Monday, August 24, 2015

Baptism de Pamela Padilla

Pamela got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!! It was so special and she was so happy. After her confirmation she was grinning from ear to ear and just glowing. She has grown a lot. When we first started teaching her she told us that she couldn't say a prayer in front of people and she wouldn't. Yesterday she said the prayer in Sacrament Meeting and she did just fine. I'm very happy for her and excited for all the changes she is making in her life.

Yesturday was crazy.

Saturday Night:
 President Bishop called us and told us that the couple that he assigned to speak in Sacrament Meeting had just told him that they were going to be in North Carolina for the weekend. So he asked us if we could speak.

Sunday Morning
Spent preparing our talks. Most of the time Elder Graf just kept asking me how to say things in Spanish. I studied a little bit and was able to organize a couple thoughts.

10 am:
We had a meeting with the Branch Council at . During that time I remembered that we had to make what's called a "Progress Report" for a meeting we would be having after church. Usually we fill it out on Thursdays with Hermano Paredez, but we weren't able to do that. So, I quickly jotted that down while my companion kept writing his talk (we weren't very affective in that meeting).

 We went to Priesthood meeting where the teacher read us a talk in a nice monotone voice. My companion continued to write his talk and I remembered that the next class was Gospel Principles. Which we teach. Usually we prepare a little bit in the mornings for the class, but we were writing our talks.

We round up everyone. I quickly look through to book to see where we are at. Fasting. We say a prayer and I teach the class on the fly. I hope that they all learned something.

We all file into the chapel. Someone tells us to go talk to someone by Pre. Bishops office. We find a couple with a little two year old. The husband immediately begins to complain to us about how they had been waiting there for 2 hours and how they are starving and his wife is pregnant and they want us to do something for them. All this while Sacrament meeting is starting. We quickly round up the extra bread that wasn't used for the sacrament, which they really didn't seem that excited about for someone who was starving. We get back in time for the sacrament. Pamela receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. We talk.

Correlation Meeting with Branch leaders. Lots and lots of meetings.

Of course the day didn't end there but it was a pretty exciting start. I can remember listening to some leaders and thinking that they weren't very organized and that I could write a better talk or explain whatever they were trying to say in a better way. I now know that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in leadership, and that it is extremely hard to take care of so many things. I have a lot of respect for all of my leaders, and especially for our living day Prophet.

Love ya'll

Elder Harmon

1019 Marquis Way
Morrow, GA 30260

1-2) Pamela and Alex at her Baptism
3-4) Mystery soup. We think it was intestines. Not the best thing I've eaten so far... 

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