Monday, September 21, 2015

Baptism's and Good byes

Rafael's baptism was on Friday night. It was wonderful! He came an hour early and kept saying, let's just do it right now, we're the only ones that are going to show up any way. But a lot of members came and I know that he felt very loved. He is a great guy and has taught me a lot. He always calls me his "little brother" and Elder Graf is his "Big brother."

President Foote called this morning and I'm being transferred on Wednesday. In the past I would feel anxious and nervous for transfers. And when the call would come that I was leaving I would feel sad to be leaving. For some reason this transfer has been a little different. It snuck up on me so fast I hadn't even thought about it. And when the call came I felt peace. I think it's is because I know that I have done my best in this area. And I love the members here so much, but I'm not sad to leave them because I know that there is somewhere else that God needs me.

God has taught me a lot here in Lake Jodeco. I've learned to really trust in Him and to counsel with Him daily. Perhaps the greatest blessing was the time I spent serving with Elder Graf. Now, he is not perfect by any means and we had our days where we were butting heads so hard that we both came home with goose eggs. But he is a devoted missionary and a great leader. I think at times I was a little like Laman and Lemuel. I have been on a mission longer then him and I had to humble myself to be able to learn from his example and experiences.

Elder Harmon

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