Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just telling stories

A couple months ago when I first came into this area and was serving with Elder Jones, we helped out someone who had run out of gas. They were driving a suburban, had tried to turn off onto a side road and got stuck right in the middle of traffic. No one was stopping to help them so we pushed the car out of the way and helped her to get gas. Her friend, Anali also showed up with a gas container to help. And, lucky us, they both spoke Spanish. We were a little more focused in the driver of the stranded vehicle then we were her friend. We got her address and phone number and the address of Anali as well. I plugged the addresses into my gps.

Fast foreword... 2 weeks ago Elder Graf was just calling through all the numbers in the phone to see if anyone was interested and he called Ruby. We set an appointment and saw her twice last week. She's a little quiet, but she's smart and listens really well.
Yesterday, things went through and I wasn't really sure what to do. But I kept clicking on Anali's name on the Gps. Since we met her we had never gone to see her. So, we went. Turn's out she is the sister of Ruby, and she is awesome! We sent an appointment to see them both this Thursday. God is truly aware of all his children and there have been many times where I knew without a doubt that we were in a specific place at a specific time for a specific reason and that God wanted us to be there.

People update:

He set the date of the 19th of September to be baptized!! He's still as funny as ever. But we caught him off guard one day and just stopped by. I think he was taking a nap or something because he was a little grumpy and kept correcting everything that Elder Graf said in Spanish. Then Elder Graf was a little grumpy and I just thought the whole thing was a little funny. Good times.

They are still awesome! Gloria wants to send missionaries to her sister in Mexico. She is on point and understands everything so well. Still working on divorce so that she can get married to Jesus. It had been about a month where we lost contact with them and they weren't coming to church. But we met with them Saturday and we are going to see them tonight.

You'll hear a lot more about them later. The parents are members that hadn't been to church in 11 years. They have come the past two weeks. Their daughter Yesenia is 18, and hasn't been baptized. So we are starting to teach her. We had a noche de hogar with them at the Paredes house. Lots of food, lots of fun. Yesenia has a lot of really good questions.

Sorry this email is a little long... Love y'all!


Elder Harmon

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