Monday, November 9, 2015

The Gospel Works.

We had another great week and a still working with a lot of great people! A new family came to church. Mimi Casas and her daughter. Mimi is crazy. She just doesn't stop talking. Which can be hard sometimes.

 We didn't get five minutes into Gospel Principles before she brought up a lot of concerns. She started talking about a friend of hers that warned her about the Mormons. And she just kept on talking and asking tons of questions, but she didn't give us much of a chance to answer them. In the room we had Mimi, Oscar, his mom Josefina, Fernando, Juan (just get back from his mission), and Sister Cain (who also served a mission), and us. Between Juan, Sister Cain, and us we all did our best to control the situation, keep the spirit in the room, answer her concerns and return the focus onto the lesson. But then Oscar spoke up. And he bore testimony so strong and defended the church with all his heart. He told her about the spirit and how it testifies to your heart. After he finished Mimi asked him, "How long have you been going to this church?" 
He replied, "this is only my second week here."
As we were rapping things up Josefina spoke up and bore her testimony as well. As she directed her attention to Mimi she explained how she just moved here from Mexico. How when we first came to her home she was irritable and hard-hearted. In Mexico she been caught up in a lot of problems and used by a lot of people and committed some serious sins. She had little self confidence and was full of guilt and sorrow. Then she spoke about the peace and healing that she has felt just this past month. It was a powerful testimony. A real experience from a real person.
It has been so humbling to see the faith of this family. They just accept everything. And when they act on the things we teach them they see the difference it makes in their lives. I know the Gospel works! I know it brings peace and happiness. I can see it in the lives of this family.
They are going to be baptized on the 21st of this month.

I love y'all!

Elder Harmon

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Peachtree City, Ga  30269

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