Monday, November 30, 2015

Just a quick update

The Ramirez Family:
Oscar and Josefina (Oscar's Mom) absolutely love everything they are learning and they are seeing so many blessings in their lives. Elder Blake and I are basically part of the family now and we have grown to love them so much. We asked if they had any questions about the gospel, the church, or anything. Josefina thought for a moment then said, "the only question I have is whether you have one of those white jumpsuits that will fit me?" We all had a good chuckle and I can't wait until they are baptized. The only thing we are waiting on is the Oscar's divorce. 

Patricia and Rene are doing great as well. The devil's working hard to keep them from coming to church though. It took a couple weeks for her boss to finally give her Sundays off. Then that week she got sick. The next week church was canceled. Then they were finally able to come, and they loved it. And this week she got called in to work at the last moment. But her faith is strong and she has a real desire, so I know she wont let it get her down. It is so much fun and such a blessing to teach people that truly want to learn and come closer to God.

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Harmon

450 S Peachtree Pkwy Apt R303
Peachtree City, Ga  30269

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