Tuesday, January 20, 2015

La Obra Misional

These wednesday was Transfer day, but Elder Taufa and I were both staying here. So, we decided we needed to change things up for this next transfer and we changed up our whole appartment and deep cleaned everything. It was a lot of work but our appartment feels so much bigger and cleaner (it was clean before, but now it is CLEAN). I think it was really good for Elder Tuafa as well. He has been in this area for the same amount of time that I have been on my mission, about 7 months. He got super excited and he kept saying, "Our appartment is sick!" It was a good start to this transfer and we feel like we can just go to work now. So that is what we did this week! We worked HARD! We worked harder and did more in this week than I have done my entire mission! We had appointments everyday and were busy every second of everyday trying to get to and teach as many people as possible. We also were able to get with a lot of members with us this week and I feel like we are truely giving our all to the Lord and his work. Our Branch is on fire and our members are super excited for missionary work!
I'm doing really good and I'm really enjoying my mission. I'm learning a lot and still have a lot to learn. My spanish still has a lot of work and I've noticed that I need to work a lot more on my teaching skills. But I trust in the Lord in all I do and I know that as I do my best he will be able to use me to bless the lives those who are in need of my help.
Que Dios les bendiga,
Elder Harmon

Elder Harmon

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