Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year!!
I hope you all had fun celebrating the new year! I'm excited for 2015!! It was a little different for me this year to think about 2014 and all that happened, and the to think about 2015 and what is to come. A lot happened for me in 2014 including graduating High School and leaving on my mission. In 2015, I will spend the entire year in the mission field doing the work of the Lord. It was kinda like, "wow... I'm a missionary!" So I made some goals and some changes, because my time is so limited. There is no better time then right now. Choose ye this day. (That's one of my favorite Mormon Messages by the way).
There were a couple days this week were it was really foggy and raining all day. I finally understand what it means to have a "rainy day." It was really hard to be excited about anything and I just wanted to take a nap or something like that. I guess it's kinda like when your running the mile or the 800. You're legs doin't always want to run and your whole body is telling you to stop, but you have to keep going.
A lot of our investigators aren't really doing anything. It's a little hard. It's almost like once they start to understand what we are teaching, they don't want us to come by anymore. They stop answering the phone and the door and they become imposible to get a hold of. It's hard becuase we've had a lot of really good lessons where the spirit was so strong. I think that the problem is that people don't want to change. And that is what the gospel is about. The gospel is about changing and becoming more like our Father in Heaven. And I understand them because I have seen the same thing in me. As a missionary I feel like I have so many weaknesses. At times, I just want to ignore everything and just be happy and content where I am at in life. But, Ether 12:27, The Lord gives us weaknesses so that we can be humble. And when we are humble we put all our trust and all the glory in the Lord. Then our weaknesses are made strong.
But, we did have two good lessons with Roberto and Lulu this week. We taught them the Resturation and the understood it very clearly. But they didn't come to church. Maybe that's where all that came from, haha. But they said they would read and we will see this week.
We have an investigator from Peru :) named Fausta. She has been an investigator for a couple years now because she can't get baptized until she get's married, and her husband/boyfriend didn't want to get married. But she comes to church evey week and half the members in the branch think she is a member. She just had a baby last sunday, Dec 28, and we went to see her yesturday. It was so wonderful to see a new born baby! The spirit was so strong! I couldn't help but think about Carter and Andrew, my nephews who I haven't seen.
May we all have a great year!
Elder Harmon 

Elder Harmon

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