Monday, January 26, 2015

Isaiah 55:8-9

On Saturday we decided to go see a referral that was up higher in our area. Since most of the missionaries that serve in Atlanta don't speak spanish we get a lot of referals from them, or basically they call us and say that there is a spanish family that they found that we could try to go and see. So, we drove up there, it was about a 20-30 min drive and we couldn't find the apartment complex. The gps told us to go down a street that didn't exist. So, we parked the car and started walking around looking for something but we didn't find anything. It was kinda frustrating. We called the Elders who had given us the address and they gave us directions to the complex. We drove to the complex and I recognized it immediately! I had gone there three or four times when I had been in my last area to eat dinner with a member! In the mission we serve in different areas with specific boundaries. So in my other area we had been leaving our boundaries (which I didn't know) to eat with these members. So we knocked on the door of the person we came to see and she wasn't really interested. Elder Taufa and I were really frustrated at this point because we felt like we had just wasted so much of our time looking for this person who didn't even want to listen to us. As soon as we got to the car Hermana Bautista drove up and parked her car. I was super excited because I really liked the Bautista's. We said hi to her and she invited us in her home. We talked with them for a while and shared a scripture with them. Hermano Bautista served his mission in Montana and part of Wyoming. As we were closing up and getting ready to read Hermana Bautista broke down and started to cry. She told us how she was going through a lot of things right now. She was working a lot and hadn't been to church the past two weeks. Her leg was hurting really bad and so was her back. She told us she had been praying all day and super stressed and then when she got home from work we were just standing there by our car waiting for her. I know her testimony was strengthened a lot, but so was mine. We were so frustrated all day because things weren't going as we planned, but if they hadn't had gone the way they did, we wouldn't have been standing by our car at the exact time she got home for work. Even though we thought we were wasting our time, the Lord was just putting us where we needed to be.

Have a Good Week!
Elder Harmon

Elder Harmon

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