Monday, February 2, 2015

Slow week

Everyone has slow weeks and this was one of them for us. But sometimes there needed, because if everything was always perfect then we would never change because we would never feel the desire to change. So I'm grateful for the hard times when things don't go so well, because it gives me an opportunity to look back on what I need to change and how I can be better.

I haven't talked very much about the people we are teaching so I'll give you a quick run down:

Maria Puga - She is awesome!!! She is probably in her 40's, she is single, and she has two daughters who are in their 20's. When we first met her we were going by every friday night. We didn't know at that time but she hadn't told her husband that she was meeting with us and friday's were the only nights he was gone. Basically she didn't have any feelings for the guy (he drank a lot), and the only reason she was staying there was because she didn't want to leave his 3 yr old son (not her son). But, she moved out of the house into a trailer with her two daughters. She told us that she wanted to change and she couldn't do that when she was surrounded by people that didn't what to change. Now she has come to church 3 weeks in a row and she is learning a lot! She feels like she has to be perfect before she is baptized and she doesn't feel ready yet.

Estuardo y Pati - They're an awesome couple! Estuardo is really funny and always cracking a joke and Pati is kinda quiet but she's not shy. They have a little daughter young enough to count her age by months (I don't remember how many). They are catholic, almost everyone we teach is catholic, and they said they aren't going to change churches yet but are willing to learn more. They have both started reading the Book of Mormon!

Rosa Picon - She is from Peru. She is probably about 50 or so and has two boys that are both graduated. She has depression problems and is struggling a lot with that. She has a real desire to learn and is very teachable. She's busy though and we haven't been able to meet with her as much as we would like.

The Lord has blessed Elder Taufa and I with a lot of people to teach who are ready to accept the gospel. Sometimes I don't feel like I teach them as clearly as they deserve, but I know that the spirit is the true teacher and that the gospel is true.

Elder Harmon

Elder Harmon

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